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by Susan Schaefer

MAY 12, 2018

Susan Schaefer, professional artist and publisher of Island Art magazine, has been invited to put on a workshop for the Pearl Ellis Gallery.

With a fresh, innovative and colourful approach to painting, she will present a fun filled day of creating sunny bright flowers. This workshop will appeal to students with some acrylic painting experience. You will learn what makes a good painting, how to start a painting using watercolour pencils on a drawing and how to glaze with acrylic paints one petal at a time.

When: May 12, 2018 10am-3:30pm. Bring your lunch and come early to get set up for a 10am start.

Where: Lions Den (below the Pearl Ellis Gallery), 1729 Comox Avenue, Comox.

Class size: 12 students - first come: first served basis (there will be a waiting list)

Cost: $60 – members: $85 – non-members

Registration: Email to register, then pay at the Pearl Ellis Gallery.


  • One 14x18 or smaller canvas - 8x10” or 10x12”. Please no dollar store canvasses, use Gotrick or other.
  • Table easel

  • Palette – I use a disposable palette paper pad
plastic container for water, rags, paper towels
  • Hair dryer for quick drying
  • Paint brushes - variety of sizes
  • Watercolour pencils
  • Paints: burnt sienna or red
acrylic paints: at least the basics, titanium white, black, cadmium red, cadmium yellow medium, magnesium blue, or cobalt blue, Phthalo blue, quinacridone gold, burnt sienna (Any paints that you have rather than buying many new colours. We can mix what you don't have.)
  • Gloss medium, not vanish or gel (we use this to mix our paints with for glazing)
  • Liquitex paint marker- burnt sienna or cadmium red 2-4mm tip

 Reference material will be supplied.

 Any questions, please contact

"Sunflower" by Susan Schaefer