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Submissions for the following year must be submitted by July 1 to a committee formed from Pearl Ellis Gallery Board members.

With your submission, please tell us about yourself in a biography that would include:

  • any art education
  • any workshops
  • any previous shows
  • personal interests

You will be asked to submit 6 photos by e-mail to

You will be asked to bring in an example of your work to the gallery for the committee to see.

You will need 30 to 40 pieces to have a show, depending on their size.

The committee will not accept any glicee prints or copies of your work for exhibit.

Art cards, bookmarks and magnetic reproductions of your work will be allowed.

You are required to spend time at the gallery while your work is being shown.

Those who are active volunteers sitting at the shifts at the gallery will be given priority.

The committee will contact you in October to enquire if you are prepared to go ahead with a show in the following year.

- August 2017