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April Dyck

British Columbia, Canadian artist, April Dyck, pursues her lifelong passion for painting and drawing. She has taken her work more seriously in the past few years since setting up her studio in the beautiful setting of Comox Valley, BC.

Self-taught and a self-starting painter whose work includes abstract, representative and figurative drawings and paintings. She sets a high benchmark for all her works and seeks to achieve a high level of craftsmanship by preparing her own panels and canvases. Most paintings are done in oil because of the proven endurance of the medium.

April has an artistic style that people are saying is uniquely original to her. She uses primary colours (yellow, red and blue) with white and black to create paintings. "It is more interesting to mix my own colours then to use factory made colours", says April Dyck.

She especially focuses on learning to draw the human form and uses her sketches and drawings as a jumping off point to create paintings of a spiritual nature. "I independently study fine art. I attend life-drawing groups regularly to improve my drawing skills. The nude model has always featured strongly in my personal training, a difficult genre and therefore the most 'educative' one."

“At a young age I used to secretly go downtown Toronto, Ontario from the suburbs to a life drawing group at a community centre. I had to throw away all these drawings so not to be found out. Since then I have joined many Life Drawing groups."

Over the years nothing has been sacred from April's paintbrush. She has painted murals on windows, walls, buildings and even her VW Rabbit Car.

Her painting process includes thumbnail sketches, studies and preparing platforms for a painting. Her paintings are luminescent achieved by layering many colours. Each painting is usually completed with drawn lines to isolate colours and emphasis contours. She is known for her playfulness with perspective and enjoys exploration of plastic space on a flat surface.

Despite her passion for painting, it wasn't always certain Dyck was destined for a career as an artist. She travelled and held management positions in luxury hotels across Canada. “My high school art teachers strongly encouraged me to attend Art College or University but I decided to pursue a career in management instead. When I had a health crisis in my early 40's I turned to painting again as a way of coping.”

April Dyck has showed her work in the Comox Valley for the past seven years and is pleased to be able to show her new works “Heaven and Earth” at the Pearl Ellis Gallery, Comox, BC on January 28 to February 16, 2014.

Phone: 250-338-9602

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