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Call for Submissions for Members Christmas Show


November 21 to December 16, 2023

The Pearl Ellis Art Gallery is now open to the public on Tues. to Sat. 12 pm to 4 pm.

Artists will now get 80% on artwork, and 85% on cards sold in the gallery. 

The Pearl Ellis Gallery is currently accepting submissions for all types of visual art inclusive of paintings, mixed media, fabric, carvings, pottery/ceramic, and photographs etc. for the 2023 Members Christmas Show.

In order to take part you must be a current 2023 PEG member. 

Please follow this link to the submission form to submit your application.

Please note that the deadline for submission is Monday, November 6, 2023 no later than 6:00 pm

You must include the following information when submitting:

  1. Name of artist
  2. Title of Submission
  3. Medium
  4. Price
  5. Size in inches
  6. Request permission for OS entry (oversize)
  7. Jpeg if available. Your jpeg file must include artist's name and title 

You will be notified at the time if your online submission has been received. If any information is incomplete your piece will not be considered entered. 

Please do not change the information once submitted.

As submissions are on a first come, first serve basis, with one entry per person, you will receive an acceptance letter, once your submission has been accepted into the show, after the deadline date.

A $5.00 hanging fee must be paid at time of delivery.  

24 inches x 36 inches or total of 864 square inches
Only a total of 3 oversize pieces will be accepted into the show on a first come, first   serve basis.

*Special request for oversize pieces to be made by the artist* either at the time of submission or by preapproval from the show coordinator,

The art work must not have been previously shown in the Pearl Ellis Gallery.

Two dimensional artwork requires a metal wire at the back, secured by screws on the sides one third from the top; wire to be approximately 2.5 inches (up to 4 inches for large works) from centre top.

Please make sure that these instructions are carried out.

1.  All artwork must be framed. Wrapped canvas is to be painted on all sides with no staples showing.
2.  Oil paintings must be dry and odour free
3.  Carvings, sculptures, fabrics etc for display on plinths must be stable and have their own  supports.
4.  Work that is not properly set up for display will be returned to the artist.
5.  Frames should be clean and in good condition.

Drop off date will be Monday, November 20 from 10;00 - 11:30  

Pick Up Date will be Saturday December 16 by 4:00 pm 

If you have any questions about the submission process contact Carol Imai at If you are planning on selling cards during this show, contact Rim Slim at

Thank you to all members for participating with the Pearl Ellis Gallery.

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