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Abstract Expressionism


Post Modern Expression

Activities and Adventures in Abstract Expressionism

“It is far better to capture the glorious spirit of the sea than to paint all of its tiny ripples”.

Presented by Trish Malcomess

Artist Biography

Trish’s practice is a unique interpretation of her experiences inspired and informed by the natural environment to be found here on Vancouver Island. As an Interdisciplinary artist and horticulturist, she has been exhibiting her work in South Africa and Canada since 1977. She studied Fine Arts through East London School of Art, South Africa, North Island College Fine Arts and graduated with a BFA through Emily Carr University.

The Workshop

The way you interpret and express your world is as unique to you as your handwriting. Learn your language of self-expression as Trish introduces you to the concept of abstract expressionism, how it evolved, showing you examples of artists that practice this style using various techniques. You will learn to leave any preconceived ideas of how art should be behind as you develop skills and your own unique way of expressing yourself through shapes, textures, colour and application of paint.

  • Bold application of paint using palette knives
  • Introducing Cubism into your composition
  • Scaling up painting activity
  • Use of texture and colour to emphasize light and evoke a mood.
  • Collage items into your work.
  • Students will take home preprinted notes of useful ideas introduced at the workshop.

Bring to the workshop:

  • Palette with 2 or more palette knives, variety of medium brushes.
  • Acrylic Paints - variety of colours you wish to express yourself with
  • Small bottle of Acrylic medium of your choice
  • Four small canvas boards 12” x 12”
  • *One prepared canvas at least 24”x24” or 18”x20” (info below)
  • Masking tape
  • Easel and/or foldable table
  • Rags and/or paper towels, at least 3 water containers, Notebook and pencil
  • Two or more images you like (e.g. landscape, still life, face, figure)
  • Feel free to bring any found items to collage into your work. This is not compulsory. (e.g. images from magazines, newspapers, bottle caps, rope, fabric)

*Prior to the workshop prepare your canvas and canvas boards with gesso. In addition to the gesso please apply a coat of acrylic paint over the entire surface of the larger canvas. Choose a colour you would like to use to evoke a mood or season. e.g. Brown or Rust to express an Autumn scene. Vibrant blue or green to articulate Summer or Joy. Ensure the surfaces are completely dry before the workshop.

WHEN:  Saturday, February 23, 2019, 10-3.30pm

WHERE: Lion’s Den, under the Pearl Ellis Gallery, 1729 Comox Avenue, Comox.

COST: Members $75, Non-members $100.

REGISTER at the Pearl Ellis Gallery - Tues-Sat, 10-4pm. Cheque, cash or credit cards accepted. No refunds unless your space can be filled from the wait list. Registration is based on payment.

For more information email: or

Mount Washington
Trish Malcomess
Paradise Meadows
Trish Malcomess
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