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Highland Secondary School

Pearl Ellis Gallery May 31, 2016 – Jun 19, 2016

A careful touch of paint to adjust the contrast in a painting, a series of sketches explored to find the deeper meaning of a theme, an exuberant investigation of materials to discover a personal style; this is all part of the passionate activity occurring at Highland Secondary as the art students put their hearts into creating a wide range or original pieces for their upcoming show at the Pearl Ellis Gallery.

Art teachers Nathan Senner, Charlotte Hood-Tanner, and photography teacher Charity Munro are delighted to have the opportunity to showcase their students’ work at the Comox gallery. The many artists involved are very excited and have invested countless hours producing outstanding, inventive visual statements to share with the public. The show is certain to have something to suit every taste, displaying a wide variety of processes including clay sculpture, acrylic and water colour paintings, printmaking, collage, photography, and various drawing mediums and mixed media composites. The works were produced in the many art courses offered at Highland including Art Careers 12 taken by students heading into post secondary art directions as well as by art students in the International Baccalaureate program. Past shows have always been well attended as viewers enjoy the interesting diversity and are intrigued by the unique perspective of these fresh, enthusiastic artists. “People often remark that they are impressed at the high level of quality and creative depth these young artists are able to attain,” says Senner “We’re very proud of the students, their hard work and commitment, and look forward to sharing with the public once again.” Anneka Cox, one of the students taking part in the show, is a 2016 Pearl Ellis Gallery bursary recipient.

The Pearl Ellis Gallery annual high school bursary program was established in 2007 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Gallery's Society. Each Spring two deserving graduating students from the valley high schools receive a bursary of $750.00. This bursary is to assist students pursuing a post-secondary program related to visual arts. In addition to the bursary the gallery puts on a three week show dedicated to the art work done by one of the local high schools.

The Highland show runs from May 31 – June 19 with the opening reception on Wednesday, June 1st (7-9 pm) at the Pearl Ellis Gallery.

Members of the public are welcome to attend.

"Fearful Symmetry"
by Jessica Garrett
"Full Circle "
by Annaka Cox
"In Your Eyes "
by Kim Holmes
"Mugshot 1 "
by Katie Arnet
"O'Ertook By Blast "
by Liam Edwards
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