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“Inspirations” with Lynda Glover


Intermediate Acrylic Painters Workshop

Date: Saturday, September 21, 2019

Hours: 10am-4pm (bring your own lunch, coffee available)

Location: at the Lion's Den below Pearl Ellis Gallery

Cost: Members $80/ non-members $90 /**early bird (members only) by August 20 $70. Payment due upon registration at Pearl Ellis Gallery

Lynda will be teaching students:

  • how to choose an image to paint
  • how to draw or paint that image on to a canvas
  • use of mediums to add texture
  • use of underpainting and blocking in colour
  • different painting techniques, glazing and patterning
  • how to add details and use line and colour to create an impression or feeling

- Students should bring photos of nature that might inspire them to paint.
- Students will need to bring their own canvas, acrylic paints, brushes etc. ('good quality paints do make a difference in the results, but I want students to learn to use what they already have available').

Lynda will bring what she uses and introduce different tools and materials to share ideas.

Documents for download

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