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“Trilogy of Art Form”
Hans Petersen, Bev Petersen and Kay Bukta

Pearl Ellis Gallery Sep 01, 2015 – Sep 20, 2015

The Pearl Ellis Gallery's exhibit, "Trilogy of Art Form" from September 1st to 20th celebrates the uniqueness of creative expression. The commonality is art, but the work of Bev Petersen, Hans Petersen and Kay Bukta is very different.

Kay Bukta has been involved in art in some form most of her life and taken a myriad of art courses. She loves it all and finds it difficult to limit herself to one or two projects at a time. Her favorite subjects are scenery, rocks, trees and flowers which she magically weaves into naturalistic portraits in oil. The Comox Valley offers a wonderful mix of delightful objects to capture and she finds no shortage of interesting material.

From an early age Bev Petersen has used art as an expression of mood and emotion; many times inspired by dreams and visions. As an accountant, business owner and realtor, art was shoved aside, but never abandoned. Skills were honed in a number of art programs and workshops in various techniques and mediums. It would, however take a long and circuitous route to liberate the artist within. Currently Bev works with acrylics. Subjects and mediums may vary, but the images that emerge are involving, vibrant and unusual.

Since first stepping foot on Vancouver Island, Hans Petersen has been awed and inspired by the natural beauty of the west coast. Searching the shores for firewood with his father instilled a deep respect for wildlife and nature. As a young man Hans utilized his artistry, imagination and love of wood, designing and building furniture, leading to a career in design, building and project management in the construction industry. After retirement, Hans began creating imaginative, unique wooden sculptures. Weathered patterns of wood deposited by the tides provide the inspiration. Natural processes suggest the subject, but imagination, vision and hours of preparation complete the transformation into a work of art.

There will be an opening reception on Thursday, September 3rd from 7 pm to 9 pm at the Pearl Ellis Gallery. This will be a wonderful opportunity to come out and meet the artists behind the work.

"Beach Combers"
by Bev Petersen
"In the Forest"
by Kay Bukta
"Nature's Art "
by Kay Bukta
"The marauder"
by Han Petersen
by Bev Petersen
by Han Petersen
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