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Main Gallery - Call for Entries


All Show dates for 2020 are now full. Thank You.
Dates for 2021 will be available in January 2020.

All shows in the Pearl Ellis Main Gallery are of three (3) weeks duration (dates to be by arrangement).  Both individual artists and groups are welcome to submit. 

With your submission please tell us about yourself or group with a short biography that should include:  

  • Any art education, workshops, medium, previous shows, personal interests and six photographs of your work 
  • You will need 30 – 40 pieces to have a show, depending on the size of the pieces. 
  • All work must be original.

Notes to Artists:

  1. You are requested to spend personal time at the Pearl Ellis Gallery during working hours while your art is on display. 
  2. Individuals who are active volunteers with the gallery may be given booking priority. 
  3. The committee will contact you in September 2019 to ensure that you are prepared to go ahead with your show for the following 2020 year. 
  4. A $75.00 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of confirmation of our booking your show. 
  5. Any art cards for sale during your show are to be arranged in advance with Paul Gillmore, PEG Member Services, at:
  6. To register for this PEG MAIN GALLERY, call for submission, please e-mail with the required information about your art.

For additional information on the PEG Main Gallery submissions, please see Policies and Guidelines.

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