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Carole Goodwin

I was born on Vancouver Island and have lived here all my life. The diverse beauty of the Island has given me a deep appreciation for the bright colours and magnificent scenery that I am privileged to see every day.

When I paint I look for a spiritual connection to my subject and I desire to feeling the oneness of nature, and acknowledge my connectedness to it. Sometimes I do this through writing or meditative stillness.

Although I have always loved art, it wasn’t until 1986 that I enrolled in classes at North Island College, taking courses with Chris Wooten, in watercolor. My work has evolved from that beginning to now, and today my work is mostly experimental, using mixed media and acrylic. Using collage, gels and other mediums to create texture I then apply gold or silver leaf. The leaf gives me a reflective light source for the many glazes over each area of the painting. The work is a progression, with fusions of many layers of leafing, collage and acrylic glazes. From beginning to the end there are many changes.

Instructors and Mentors: For about two years I attended John Millhill’s weekly studio classes, and he was instrumental in instilling the understanding of the art process: “know the rules before you break them.”

Week-long Work Shop Studies included the following instructors: Judi Betts, Carol Orr, Carla O’Conner, Brent Heighton, Al Brouillette, Caroline Buchanan, Mike Svob, Kiff Holland, Brian Johnson, and Carol-Lynn Davidson.

These classes were organized by the late Doris Richie through the Campbell River Arts Council, and I appreciate the great privilege! There have also been many two day weekend classes through the White Rock School of Art with the following instructors: Maxine Masterfield, Marilyn Hughey Phillis, and Pat Lambrecht-Hould. Most recently I have taken classes with Brian Buckrell of Comox, BC.

My work is in collection in Canada, USA, England, Scotland and the Cook Islands.

Awards: Campbell River Art Gallery Juried Members Show: Award of Excellence 2002, Honourable Mention 2003 and Award of Merit 2010


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