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Hans Larsen

"Impressions in Oils"

I was born and raised in Silkeborg, Denmark, and immigrated to Canada in 1948. I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember, but the creative juices have flown in spurts. Often several months would pass without touching either pen or brush.

Following my retirement from Alcan in 1990 my wife Grethe and I left Kitimat to retire in the beautiful Comox Valley. Having always been interested in etchings, I enrolled in an Etching Workshop conducted by John Hooley at the North Island College. I was hooked. While looking for a press I came across an advertisement for a workshop with Neil Patterson of Bragg Creek, Alberta. It was a weeklong experience that I will never forget.

Painting is a wonderful past time that I can recommend to anyone regardless of age. In the past, I golfed 5 days a week. Since I started painting full time I haven’t had a golf club in my hand.

You will note that my titles are pretty short. For instance, I have painted several scenes from the Goose Spit in Comox and also scenes from a favorite spot in Denmark. Rather than spending a lot of time on dreaming up a title I would sooner paint. I just number them.

Fall is, without a doubt, my favorite season. Grethe and I travelled across Canada in late August and early September. I took photos everywhere. Many were used as subjects for paintings. I find beauty in things that many would not consider worthy subjects, such as weeds, twigs, dead leaves, etc…

I am also starting to experiment with abstract scenes. Why not? If it gives you pleasure do it.

Music is to me a must when I paint. The music ranges from the classics to Klezmer, jazz and country.

I have been fortunate in having my work shown regularly at the Pearl Ellis Gallery in Comox. My paintings can be found in private collections as far afield as Iceland, Japan, Australia, the USA, Denmark, and of course, Canada.


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