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Jill Paris Rody

Painting thru a Passionate Eye

Painting is my way of sharing the beauty of the natural world. With life so busy, I want to give back to my viewer, something serene and contemplative; something that will bring pleasure to the eye, and peace to the soul.

My view is primarily about Nature, and within that context, Color, Design, and a striking effect of Light. This is always my goal… to create an emotional attachment to the place. Most often I use my camera as a ‘viewfinder’ for the composition and subjects of my paintings, taking several angles and close-ups to review later in the studio. On occasion I paint Plein Air and this too is most enjoyable! The memory of the visual experience delights my senses and inspires that “connected“ impression necessary for the later painting.

Whether it’s about the light and color of the view, or the subject material, I find life and emotion in so many every-day places. It’s the “feelings without words” that speak of natures’ intrinsic beauty.

Majoring in Art Studies:

1962 to Present: Exploration through publications, and self learning.
1992-2007: Member with National Society of Decorative Painters
1969: Portland (OR) Community College
1968-69: Oregon State University
1964-68: High School at Lake Oswego, Oregon

My Artwork is owned by private collectors across the US, Canada, and the UK.


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