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Leonard Barrett
Leonard Barrett Fine Arts Studio

During the nineteenth century, with the industrial revolution and the new riches of North America a new middle class arose and began commissioning pictures of landscapes, daily living and portraits. The art of portraiture continued in its popularity, as cameras were not yet invented, and it was sometime before color prints were available... Leonard Barrett, a successful portraitist, specializes in Inuit, Native and Metis Canadians.

Born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Leonard began his drawing career in the prairies. In the 1960's he lived amongst the Inuit people of Frobisher Bay and it was there that his interest in the local people developed. Man y of the paintings of that time are now in private collections. Recently, Mr Barrett moved from the South end of Vancouver Island and has settled in the Comox Valley.

Leonard Barrett’s warm palette of siennas and ochres, brings a vitality to his portraits, capturing the spirit of the people, children, women and men including Chief Dan George. The individual faces each invoke different emotional responses. The faces never challenge the viewer; instead they draw you in closer, inviting you to stare.
If you have a special photograph of someone in the past or present and wish them to be transformed into a work of art, call Leonard.

Phone: (250) 390-3292

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