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Pat Stauffer

Impressions... everyone has a different impression of what they see around them. Each of us has something that we see which triggers an emotion or a memory

While painting what pleases her senses Pat creates her impression of what she has seen. If she manages to strike a cord that plays a memory back to a viewer, she often finds that this will be the person who buys her painting. On her travels Pat has been fortunate to use her camera to capture impressions that she finds pleasing and has amassed a large inventory of photographs from Canada, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, England, the Mediterranean and the United States. Many sources of inspiration are close to home while walking through some of the local parks, in a garden or in one of our local parks. When she takes a picture she usually has a painting forming in her mind.

“I try to keep my subject matter varied as I find this keeps me fresh. I really enjoy painting flowers and nature but I want to continue to challenge myself with something different that will appeal to others. I feel excited about expanding my creative horizons.

Pat usually does a detailed drawing and stays pretty much to realism. Every effort is made to work with the best paper and paints available with attention to conservation techniques in the framing so that a client will know they have a piece of original art that will last for many years and will look as fresh as the day they acquired it.

Pat is a member of the Campbell River Arts Council, Comox Valley Arts Council and Pearl Ellis Gallery.


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