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Sandra Doran

I was born in Campbell River and grew up on the west coast. Although I have travelled extensively in many areas of the world, I am always drawn back to Vancouver Island. I have been on boats since I was a child; my first real job was commercial fishing with my granddad when I was a teenager. I lived and travelled on a sailboat for five years and my love of the ocean and the mountains is reflected in many of my paintings. I have also painted landscapes and cityscapes from travels in South East Asia, New Zealand and Europe.
Although largely self-taught, I have learned from many painters over the years. In Canada I have taken classes from Nancy Ruen-Fen Chen, (Chinese Brush Painting) Jill Paris Rody, (watercolour and acrylic) and most recently Catherine Martha Holmes (Poured Watercolour). I enjoy switching back and forth between acrylic and watercolour. I especially like playing with light and colour to make a painting come alive.
I am a member of the Seaside Painters and paint regularly with them.

Phone: 250-287-3747

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