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Elaine Smith

Elaine has been making art for close to 20 years, not counting the crayons, scissors and paste dearly loved as a child. She is a lifelong learner and a retired Nurse which has allowed her to fully engage in making art daily. She has taken numerous workshops and classes over the years enhancing skills and developing confidence in her work.

“My paintings are images of an expression of the world around me. I’m mostly inspired by the amazing natural landscape , wherever I am, whether its kayaking, hiking or cycling or just simply walking the dogs in my neighbourhood. I see scenes and images, colours and designs that inspire me to express myself and I mix this with my imagination with the hope of producing images that are expressive of all of that.”

Currently she is exploring more abstracted images and applying the looser, more personally evoked feel of abstraction to landscapes, scenes and images. Elaine feels that creating art is an act that invites the artist and the viewer to create meaning and story within themselves. She hopes her art brings some enjoyment, curiosity and/or possibly eliciting the viewer to create a personal story or emotion(s) with which they can relate. Most of her work is created with acrylic paint but always includes a variety of mixed media such as pastels, ink, collage, watercolour and oil crayon. 


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