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Stephanie Good


Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec.

My art training was started when I was very young. My grandmother enrolled me in Art Classes at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, every Saturday for five years. I learned various art mediums in Film making, Printing, Drawing, Painting, Batik and Silkscreening. In my mid-teens I attended evening classes in live drawing at Concordia University during one semester. After High School, I went to a private art school at "Visual Arts Centre" in Montreal. I majored in Textiles in Applied Arts and Design.

Since moving to the Comox Valley, I have gotten back to my creative pursuits in Painting, Drawing and Photography. I have shown my work at the Rhodos Cafe in Courtenay, St. Joseph Hospital and at Pearl Ellis Gallery. I do sell my art/photography privately at home base. I use mainly Acrylics, adding other mediums to the painting as well. My photography was on show through the Comox Vallery Camera Club at the Muir Gallery. My art cards are also on display and for sell in the gallery.


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