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Steve Williamson

Photographer and conservationist Steve Williamson spends as much time as possible working up and down the BC coast and when possible works with conservation charities in the Great Bear Rainforest. Working with these organisations has enabled Steve to see many of the amazing sights and wildlife presented in his photographs. It also allowed him to learn a great deal about the spectacular scenery and wonderful wildlife he was seeing, whilst at the same time being able to give something back to the environment and the area in which he was working.

Steve’s interest in photography grew when trained by the Royal Navy as a ‘Ship’s Photographer’ and was further broadened by a diploma college course in the late 90’s. He moved to the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island with his wife Pauline in 2006 and really fell in love with BC and its special coast. Over the past decade or so Steve’s work has been published in newspapers, on several websites, has been used in promotional video presentations and national slideshows and has been retained in government and scientific databases for reference and referral archiving. Today, photographing the region’s wildlife is his passion.

“In my short time in BC I have learnt and seen so much, this coastline and the Great Bear Rainforest are wonderful places to see, I feel very privileged to be able to live and work here.”


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