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Tony Gusman

When attracted by a scene, my initial focus is its emotive quality. I then proceed to study the various elements that contribute to create that particular mood. Reality is a subjective experience shaped by our perception of the world. When looking through my camera lens, I strive to capture my interpretation of fleeting moments. Careful composition and judicious editing later, on the computer, help to retain that spiritual connection.

The contrasting effects of light and shade in a work of art is a technique termed Chiaroscuro. This interplay is used in many of my photographs, aided by my fascination for colour, texture and natural forms.

I find beauty in many places; from landscapes to the minute details in a flower. I am engaged by abstracts, reflections, wildlife and facial expressions. I am also drawn to subjects that embody my views; scenes that capture dramatic environmental changes and our political and social culture.

My work has been shown in several galleries and media outlets including the Sooke Fine Art Show.

Phone: 250-339-5991

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