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Summary of Pearl Ellis Gallery Member Survey


Thank you to everyone who participated in our Annual Member Survey. The survey offers valuable perspectives to shape future strategies and address community needs. We had 51 respondents, accounting for 21% of December 2023's membership. Key findings are as follows:

Age Demographics and Membership Duration

The majority of respondents are over 60 years of age (45%) and 70 (43%), with a notable 10% over the age of 80. Membership trends show a significant influx of new members (45.1% for 0-2 years) and a fair representation of mid-term members (25.5% for 3-5 years). Long-term membership (over 10 years) is less prevalent.

Volunteer Roles

A decline in volunteer interest is observed, with 41.2% unwilling to volunteer, exceeding the 29.4% who have never volunteered. Gallery hosting remains popular across past, present, and future engagements.

Concept Shows

There was strong support for the concept shows. Feedback included the need for clearer communication and creating a balanced approach to the theme selection to ensure diversity and inclusivity.


Of the respondents, 64.7% have not attended a PEG workshop. Feedback suggests there is interest in diverse and affordable workshops.

Membership Satisfaction

Most members are satisfied, with 70% rating their satisfaction at 4 or above. Overall, members of PEG appreciate being part of the artistic community, value the opportunity to exhibit their work, and generally feel well-informed about the gallery's activities.


The survey reveals a general appreciation for PEG's initiatives and also highlights areas for improvement, particularly in relation to the opportunities to show member work. This includes having more notice of opportunities to show and longer open windows for submitting work. Other areas that need further review are communication effectiveness and balancing innovation with tradition. Moving forward, it's crucial for PEG to consider these diverse opinions in its decision-making, ensuring it remains an inclusive, dynamic space for all community members.

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