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Exhibition Opportunities And Dates

Pearl Ellis Gallery is pleased to announce the main gallery exhibition schedule for the upcoming year. There are four categories of shows for 2024. Please read the full list for the many opportunities available to show work at the main gallery.

To apply for these opportunities, please visit 'Upcoming Shows'

1. Members’ Shows, Non-Juried

Call for submissions will open six weeks prior to the beginning of each show. Members will have a three week window in which to apply.


  • February 6th to March 2nd - Members Show
  • April 30th to May 25th - Members Show
  • August 20th to September 14th - Members Show
  • November 26th to December 21st – “Joy” Members show

2. All Member’s Giftables Show, Non-Juried

This one week sale will be open to all members, as an opportunity to sell giftable art. Smaller pieces and lower prices are encouraged. Painting, pottery, sculptures and jewelry will all be accepted. Call out for intention to participate will take place six weeks prior to the beginning of the show. Members will have two weeks in which to sign up to participate.

  • November 12th to November 23rd

3. Concept Shows for 2024, Juried

Our Earth
January 9th to February 3rd, deadline for applications November 20th 2023

We invite artists to submit their work for our upcoming group show, "Our Earth." This exhibition offers a platform to explore the ever-changing physical environment and the profound effects of societal influences. We welcome artwork that delves into the intricate relationships between humanity and the environment, prompting viewers to reflect on our collective responsibility towards the planet.

Identity and Expression
April 2nd to 27th, deadline for applications November 20th 2023

This group show invites artists to submit work that explores how identity and expression intersect with the art they are compelled to create. Be it personal, interpersonal or cultural notions of identity, we encourage artists to reflect on how these individual perspectives inform their creative process. We welcome a wide range of artistic expressions that contribute to a deeper understanding of identity and how it can be expressed through art.

Art with Impact
July 23rd to August 17th, deadline for applications April 12th, 2024

We invite artists from all backgrounds and disciplines to participate in our upcoming group show, "Art with Impact." This exhibition seeks to showcase artwork that resonates deeply, leaving a lasting impression through media, scale or subject matter. Artists are encouraged to interpret the theme "Art with Impact" broadly and creatively. Your work may address personal, societal, or global issues, provoke emotions, inspire change, or challenge perceptions. Feel free to push the boundaries of your chosen medium to create truly impactful pieces.

4. Open Group or Solo Shows, Juried

This is a general call out for solo artists, joint shows and art clubs.


  • March 5th to 30th Deadline for applications November 20th 2023**
  • June 25th to July 20th Deadline for applications April 12th, 2024
  • September 17th to October 12th Deadline for applications April 12th, 2024
  • October 15th to November 9th Deadline for applications April 12th, 2024

**Unsuccessful submissions for the March 5th show will be carried forward for consideration with all other applications for the three other group/solo show openings in 2024.

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