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We request that you have a reception in conjunction with your art show or a meet and greet. These usually are done on the first Saturday of your show. These do not have to be elaborate. The gallery can provide a card table, table cloth, coffee urn and punch bowl. The artist supplies the napkins, food, coffee, cream and sugar, cups and glasses plus punch ingredients. At the end of the day, the artist or group must conduct the clean up of the gallery which includes mopping the floor. Please note that No alcoholic beverages are to be served.

While the Association has some insurance covering liability and building damage, it cannot assume any responsibility for the loss or damage to items displayed or left at the Gallery. Groups must make certain that all art work is picked up at the end of a show. Any work left behind must be taken by someone from the group and not left at the gallery. The gallery does not have storage or staff to handle unclaimed work.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held every November. Please visit the calendar and News pages for more information.

DateĀ  and Time: TBA

Send by email (, your name, studio name if you have one, email, phone number or whatever method you want people to use to contact you.

Send a brief bio of 2-3 paragraphs about yourself. Look at what others have done on the website and try and follow a similar pattern.

You may also have pictures. You are limited to 2 or 3. Send photos in jpeg format please. Can be any size. Do not imbed them in your document.