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Submission Tips

  • Apply for concept shows that fit your work or inspire you. 
  • Carefully read the show description; if you apply for a concept show, ensure your piece relates to the theme.
  • Whether you are applying for a solo, joint or group show, it is helpful to have a theme. This will ensure a cohesive look to the show. 
  • Write a clear description of your work and the theme or concept. 
  • Submit clear photos of your piece or work similar to what you intend to produce. You may also submit a sketch of the proposed piece.
  • Submit up to three photos if possible.
  • For groups applying for an open spot, do not apply individually. Choose one member of the group to apply on behalf of the group. Submit examples of work from as many group members as possible, or submit photos of past shows which show several pieces on the walls. 
  • Provide a link to your website, Facebook artist page or Instagram page.
  • For solo, joint or group shows, we will not jury individual pieces. Once you are accepted, it will be up to the solo/joint artists or the group to select the actual work to be exhibited, ensuring it represents what was promised in the application. 
  • If you are applying for a solo show, be open to sharing it with another artist as a joint show. You do not need to have someone in mind to share the show with you. We will pair you with another member who will compliment your work. 
  • When applying for a joint show, please apply individually, and state your preference of who you wish to share the show with. Please note we cannot guarantee that you will be paired with that other artist, but we will do our best. 
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