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Policy and Procedures

  1. A series of workshops will be offered by Pearl Ellis Gallery for members and non-members in
    Spring and Fall. Topics for workshops will be presented by local and non-local artists.
  2. Workshops are limited to 12 persons, unless otherwise stated and will be held in the Lion’s
    Den below the Pearl Ellis Gallery, unless the Lions Den is already booked. Two-day workshops
    will be held at an alternate venue, such as the Comox Community Centre.
  3. Remuneration for these workshops will be negotiated with the Workshop Organizer, and
    prices set accordingly. Non-member fees will have $25 added to the workshop price if a
    participant does not wish to join the gallery.
  4. Any non-member wishing to join the Gallery and to participate in a workshop will pay the
    member price.
  5. There will be no refunds given, unless a spot can be filled from a wait list. A wait list will be
    kept by the Workshop Organizer at
  6.  Registration for the workshop: Email
    for inquiries or to ask if
    there is availability. Registration will be on a first come, first served basis at the Pearl Ellis
    Gallery. The list of workshop participants will be based on PAID REGISTRATION.
  7. Feedback is welcome after each workshop.
  8. The PEG has the ability to cancel any workshop due to insufficient registration.
  9. Preference for registration will be given to members for one week after the announcement of
    the workshop.

Created: February 2018

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