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Comox Community Centre

The Comox Satellite Gallery of PEG has the following people scheduled.

1855 Noel Avenue
Comox BC

Detty Arends, Carol Imai, Karen MacRae, Roche MacRae, Tina Manders, June Mitchell, Marianne Nies and Debbie Rhodes

May 18, 2024 - Jun 29, 2024

"Inside Art," formerly known as the "Monday Bunch," is a group of artists formed in the 1990s that continues to meet on Monday mornings in the Lion’s Den. The members paint together, share their art and techniques, and encourage one another in a fun and supportive atmosphere. They work in various mediums, including oil, acrylics, watercolour, alcohol inks, coloured pencils, and lino print. Despite their diverse backgrounds, a common attitude of exploration and the joy of making art creates an enthusiastic community. Each artist responds to their surroundings in unique ways, striving to capture this beauty in their work.…

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