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Show Policies and Guidelines

Show Policies

Revised: Oct 20, 2023

  1. A show participant must be a member in good standing with the Pearl Ellis Gallery of Fine Arts Society.
  2. The art works in a members open show must not have been previously shown in the Pearl Ellis Gallery. The art works in a solo or collective show may include up to two pieces that have been previously shown in the gallery.
  3. The art works must be original, based on the artists’ own images or imagination.
  4. The artist must follow the guidelines for displaying and hanging art works.
  5. Ninety percent of art work must be for sale.
  6. The artist agrees to leave all art works for the duration of the show except those pieces sold to out-of-town patrons.
  7. The artist or group contact will prepare a press release with photographs, distribute promotional posters and hold a reception (note: no liquor allowed).
  8. The artist agrees to a gallery commission of 20% on sold art work.
  9. The total fee for an Established group, Collective or Solo show is $275. A $75 non-refundable deposit confirms the show in the annual schedule, with the balance of $200 payable five weeks prior to the show. Member and Concept shows have a hanging fee of $10.
  10. By signing the consignment sheet, the artist agrees to not hold the Pearl Ellis Gallery of Fine Arts Society or any of their members, staff, or volunteers liable for any damage, loss or injury to person, persons or property sustained by reason of any accident or incident occurring in or about the Pearl Ellis Gallery of Fine Arts Society. Further, the artist agrees to waive the right to any claim for any loss or damage to the work listed on the consignment form. Any and all insurance coverage on exhibited work is the responsibility of the artist.

Show Guidelines

A. Displaying Art Works

The following points describe how to prepare various kinds of art works for display.

Wall-hung paintings, photographs, limited edition prints and fabric art

  • All art works must be framed or suitably prepared for hanging. No clip frames allowed.
  • For art mounted on foam core, please use specialized aluminium clips available from framing supply outlets.
  • Metal wire securely attached to the sides of the back of frame and arching 2 1\2 inches to 3 inches from the centre top, (up to 4 inches for larger works), to facilitate hanging apparatus.
  • Frames and matting must be clean and in good condition.
  • Wrapped canvases must be painted on the sides with no staples showing.
  • Oil paintings must be dry and odour free.
  • For open shows and large group shows, the size limit for art works is 24 x 36 inches or 864 square inches framed.
  • For collective and solo shows, there is no size limit for art works, provided there is sufficient space.

Sculptures, ceramics and fabric art

  • Must be stable and not require supports.


  • Acceptable, provided the print reproduced is an original painting or photograph created by the artist.

Participation in open and established group shows

  • For open shows, each artist is allowed to enter one piece.
  • For an established group show, participants of 20 or fewer artists may display more thanone art work as required to fill the space.

B. Installing a Show

  • The artist can indicate to the Show Coordinator which pieces must be hung or displayed together, such as diptychs and themed works.
  • A solo artist or collective may hang their own show, provided they inform the Show Coordinator two weeks prior to their show and have a well thought-out, written mapped plan.
  • If the Show Coordinator decides that showing all art works brought for a show would be detrimental to the overall display, artists will be asked to retrieve overflow pieces.
  • No late entries will be accepted after the list of titles has been submitted.
  • Final decisions will be left to the Show Coordinator on all of the above points.

C. Preparing a Press Release

  • Prepared by the artist, with a length of approximately 350 words.
  • Content to include name of the artist or group, the show title and description, dates of theshow, date and time of the reception, and if a draw will be held for an art piece/other prize.
  • For a collective or solo artist show, provide an artist statement, sources of artistic inspiration, and other relevant information.
  • If an established group, provide information about the group’s history and what sparks their artistic endeavours.
  • Include six photographs of artworks that will be in the show.
  • Email the press release and photographs to the Publicity Coordinator.

D. Holding a Reception

  • The artist or group is required to host a reception, or a meet and greet, in conjunction with their art show.
  • Receptions are held on the first Saturday afternoon after a show start and do not need to be elaborate.
  • The gallery can provide a card table, a large folding table, tablecloths, coffee urn and punch bowl.
  • The artist or group supplies any finger foods, (we suggest assortment of crackers, sliced meat, cheese, cookies, cake or bars, coffee, tea, cream, sugar, punch ingredients or juice. Also, cups, glasses, plates (no Styrofoam please) and napkins. Background music is acceptable.
  • Liquor is not allowed.
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