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Feeling our Way
Miriam Myers and Elaine Smith

Pearl Ellis Gallery Aug 01, 2023 – Aug 26, 2023

Two artists featured at Pearl Ellis Gallery

The Pearl Ellis Art Gallery presents a joint show with Elaine Smith and Miriam Myers entitled
‘Feeling our Way’ from August 1-26.

Elaine Smith, a retired nurse, has lived in the Comox Valley since 1990 and has been creating art for almost 30 years. She has shown her art in various juried exhibitions and was recently accepted into the Federation of Canadian Artists. She works in her home studio and also shares space with a group of artists at Artwrx Studio/Gallery in Courtenay. An eclectic artist who loves to explore different styles and mediums, her current passion is abstract art. Describing her work, Smith says, “I’m driven by the pure joy of being creative. I feel that creating art is an act that invites the artist and the viewer to create meaning and story within themselves. I hope my art brings some enjoyment, curiosity and/or possibly eliciting the viewer to create a personal story or feeling(s) with which they can relate.”

Miriam Myers was born in the prairies and a few years ago relocated to Vancouver Island. She was overwhelmed by the natural beauty in the Comox Valley and continued her painting practice, working with the landscapes and colours that inspired her. While she is involved in the community in other capacities, she schedules time for art in her calendar. Myers has commented, “My goal is to create art that gives the viewer a feeling,” and she continues to strive for that reaction.

An opening reception will be held Saturday August 5, 1-3 pm. Come and enjoy some refreshments and chat with the artists. In addition, this year the Pearl Ellis Gallery is also open Monday, August 7 for Nautical Days.

"They Danced In The Forest"
by Elaine Smith
"Blue Skies Are Smiling"
by Elaine Smith
by Elaine Smith
"Lonely Tree"
by Miriam Myers
"Cool Tofino"
by Miriam Myers
"Big Rock 1"
by Miriam Myers
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