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Home and Away - The Art of Frank Carter and Jack Duckworth

Pearl Ellis Gallery Mar 05, 2024 – Mar 30, 2024

Experience the fascinating fusion of Vancouver Island and South East Asia at the Pearl Ellis Gallery's upcoming exhibition, "Home & Away". Featuring the vibrant paintings of Jack Duckworth alongside the evocative photographs of seasoned traveller Frank Carter, this showcase promises a captivating exploration of cultural contrast.

Frank Carter, an avid traveller, has captured the essence of diverse locations since the age of 13, embarking on a lifelong journey of exploration and imagery. With a rich background, including notable roles at Lonely Planet Images and Getty Images, Carter's work reflects a profound depth of experience and storytelling.

Complementing Carter's photographs are the works of Jack Duckworth, a lifelong painter with an eye for detail. Drawing inspiration from his art studies in Victoria, BC, and his life on Vancouver Island, Duckworth's acrylic works vividly portray local landscapes, historical settings, and quaint villages with bold strokes and beautiful colours.

This exhibition promises to be a feast for the eyes, offering a compelling juxtaposition of two distinct yet interconnected worlds. The show opens on Tuesday, March 5th, with an opening reception on Saturday, March 9th, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.

by Frank Carter
"Saltspring Knoll"
by Jack Duckworth
"Ruckles Coop"
by Jack Duckworth
by Frank Carter
"Three Lagoon Isle"
by Jack Duckworth
by Frank Carter
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