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Judy Goffman

“I am fascinated by how we perceive light and colour in our surrounding environments, and how our thoughts, moods and actions are influenced by these continuous changes. Through art, I seek to show the beauty and transience of the natural and constructed landscapes in which we live.”

Judy Goffman studied art in Montreal and Toronto, before moving to the West Coast in 1990. She is a graduate of Concordia University in Fine Arts and Creative Writing, and Toronto’s Ontario College of Art and Design. She has expressed herself in a wide range of media, including painting, jewelry, sculpture, print, performance, and video, and has exhibited both locally and internationally.

For two decades, Judy made her home on Hornby Island, where she raised her young family, worked at the community Co-Op, wrote, painted and created silver handcrafted jewelry. In 2012, she relocated to the Comox Valley. She continues to make and sell her art under her studio name, Curved Line Imagery.

Judy is thrilled by the emerging opportunities and exceptional creative community she has encountered through her involvement with the Pearl Ellis Gallery.


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