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Lynda Glover

Bachelor of Education, Double Major in Design and Painting, Teacher

George Orwell once said, “The energy that shapes the world springs from emotions”. Lynda's emotional connection with art and creativity goes back as far as she can remember, as a small child drawing and painting in her backyard in East Vancouver. She had lots of opportunity for doing art, working on projects with her mother and father, drawing and painting at Beaconsfield Elementary and Gladstone Highschool. Lynda's Gladstone art teacher, Don Joplin, provided many experiences with fine artists to draw and paint from nature and models. “We were lucky to have days drawing with Jack Shadbolt and his contemporaries at the Vancouver School of Art.”

At the University of British Columbia, Lynda was inspired by many fine art teachers, including Penny Goldstone, Sam Black, Bob Steele, Jim MacDonald, Jim Healy, and Gordon Smith. She graduated from university in 1971 with a teaching degree and a double major in art. She spent thirty-six years teaching children and adults, being an art coordinator, developing curriculum and serving on committees for West Vancouver and the Comox Valley.

Lynda's interests in hiking, biking, gardening, canoeing, and skiing with her husband, Ross and two sons, Jon and Pat, have taken her outdoors to explore and experience nature. She loves capturing images on her camera that help remind her of the amazing colours, textures and patterns that she paints. As a teacher, she has focused on teaching those around her to communicate, not just in words, but in all types of expressive mediums: painting, drawing, clay-work, jewellery, fabric-arts, weaving, song, dance and drama. Lynda developed many lesson plans using art history and all types of art activities. She has been inspired my many artists, including Vincent Van Gogh, Emily Carr, and Gustav Klimt.

Van Gogh said, “Colour in a picture is like enthusiasm in life”. Now, as a retired teacher, Lynda has time to be enthusiastic about life and “paint her dreams” and hopes to inspire others to be creative and develop their own artistic skills.


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