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Pivot and Grow; Duo Show
Featuring Kate Bridger and Linda Greig

Pearl Ellis Gallery Jun 25, 2024 – Jul 20, 2024

The Pearl Ellis Gallery is excited to present "Pivot & Grow," an exhibition showcasing the dynamic and evolving works of artists Kate Bridger and Linda Greig from June 25 to July 20. This unique exhibition highlights the transformative journeys of both artists, offering viewers a vivid exploration of personal growth and artistic reinvention.

About Kate Bridger – PIVOT

Kate Bridger has spent over 35 years mastering the art of fabric collage, creating works often mistaken for paintings due to their intricate detail and painterly quality. Her journey through various stylistic phases is exemplified in her “Made On Monday” series, which began in 2015 as a weekly creative challenge and has since expanded to over 290 pieces. Bridger's relocation to Comox in 2019 inspired her “Island Living” collection, capturing the essence of her new surroundings. A recent foray into 3D fabric-clad art reflects her ongoing desire for innovation, with bold, abstract pieces that explore new textures and dimensions. Bridger’s work is a testament to her continuous evolution as an artist, constantly pivoting to embrace new challenges and ideas.

About Linda Greig – GROW

Linda Greig discovered her passion for art later in life, transitioning from a career as a teacher-librarian and French Immersion educator to becoming a devoted artist. Her vibrant paintings, inspired by rambling gardens and lush landscapes, blend acrylics with mixed media such as torn paper and yarn, often using recycled materials. Greig's recent experimentation with sewing art quilt "paintings" marks a significant growth in her artistic practice, reflecting her love for color and texture. Her work embodies a spirit of discovery and expansion, inviting viewers to appreciate the beauty of nature through her creative lens.

"Pivot & Grow" unites Bridger’s adaptive fabric artistry and Greig’s evolving mixed media paintings, showcasing the innovative paths both artists have pursued. This exhibition offers a narrative of change and development, illustrating how each artist has navigated their unique artistic transformations.

The Pearl invites you to the opening reception on Saturday, June 29, from 1 pm to 3 pm. Meet the artists and explore their captivating works while enjoying light refreshments.

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