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2024 Pearl Ellis Gallery Exhibition Information


Pearl Ellis Gallery of Fine Arts Society is a not-for-profit organization that has been run entirely by our member volunteers since 1977. The Board of Directors has set the course for the upcoming 2024 gallery show schedule and are pleased to share the following information that outlines and explains our rationale. A list of the opportunities to exhibit in 2024 will be released shortly along with corresponding deadlines and requirements.

Guiding Principles:

  • To continue to provide multiple opportunities for our members to show work.
  • To reach a wider audience of artists and patrons.
  • To formalize and streamline the procedures for programming exhibitions.
  • To encourage representation from emerging artists and indigenous peoples.

Eligibility for Exhibiting:

  • All exhibitors must become a PEG member before they exhibit.
  • New members and those that have not shown work in the past year are encouraged to apply.
  • Exhibitors will be limited to showing in a maximum of two shows per year, excluding The Giftable Art Show.

Types of Shows:

  1. Four Member shows; These are largely unchanged from previous years other than the call for submissions will be more streamlined.
  2. Three Concept shows; These will be juried group shows and have an assigned theme that will be announced soon.
  3. Four Group or Solo/Joint shows; These will be open for solo artists, joint shows, art clubs etc. Everyone is encouraged to apply.
  4. Our annual High School Show featuring work from Comox Valley Schools.
  5. The Giftable Art Sale; This will be a one week sale that is open to all members in which shoppers may take their purchases right away and sold work will be replaced by another available piece.

In summary, we are introducing a jury process for three themed concept shows, providing a week-long sale of member’s smaller works during the Christmas shopping season, and streamlining our procedures for the calls to exhibit. Our four member shows and the High School art show will remain as they have been, and there will be four opportunities for solo/group shows. Reviewing and adapting this new format will be ongoing, with the intent of supporting and encouraging our vibrant and creative members whether they are new to the gallery or have been members and volunteers for years. While we hope that this document is comprehensive, we encourage you to send any unanswered questions you may have to:

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