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Campbell River Friends
Heather Hughson, Antonia Huber, Jane Super

Pearl Ellis Gallery Feb 21, 2017 – Mar 11, 2017

The Campbell River Friends' show will take place at the Pearl Ellis Gallery from February 21st to March 11th. The opening reception will be hosted by the three women artists on February 25th from 1:00 – 4:00 PM at the gallery. Admission is free and refreshments will be served.

Presenting their work are: Jane Super, Heather Hughson, and Antonia Huber.

Jane's love for nature is brought to light through her paintings, poetry, and photography. She started painting watercolours, was then introduced to acrylic medium, and then onto mixed media.  She is now being influenced abstract painters such as Jacqueline Sullivan and Flora Bowley. She appreciates living this life in one of the most beautiful places in the world: beautiful British Columbia; particularly Vancouver Island.  She is grateful to the many artists and teachers that she has met since she chose to follow a life-long dream to paint: Chris Wootten, Mark Hobson, Ann Hunter, Linda Kemp and Brian Simons to name just a few.  She is also grateful to Reshad Feild and E.J. Gold who have guided her to the road of truth which ultimately brings us to the point where we realize that we are not separate from God or the Universe.

Heather Hughson paints primarily in acrylics, although she has just starting to create works in oil. Her work is representation although she likes to think in abstract terms – finding the images within. Her painting of Myra Falls (currently hanging at the Comox Airport) is not of the water coming down but of the rock beneath your feet. The fish are visible in the Kaleidoscope series, but the patterned water remains the focus of the paintings. In contrast, many of her paintings are iconic scenes around Campbell River ... Mount Doogie Dowler, Mount Albert Edward, Mitlenatch Island and the Cape Mudge Lighthouse. Heather grew up in England, emigrating to Canada in her teens, but it wasn't till she moved to Campbell River in 1987 that she really started getting serious about her art. She found that the town was very conducive to the study of art and she received lots of encouragement from friendships formed there. Also volunteering and currently working for the Campbell River Arts Council has provided her with many opportunities to expand her appreciation of painting.

Antonia Huber has focussed primarily on watercolour as her medium of choice. Her work reflects her love of nature in her renderings of scenery, flowers, animals and insects. Born in England, she moved to Vancouver B.C. at a young age. A lifelong love of colour was reflected in her early drawings. She majored in art in high school. She has lived and taught in the B.C. North, Haida Gwai, Nelson , and Port Hardy. In all of these places, she has been inspired by the unique beauty and magic each has afforded. For the past 11 years she has made her home in Campbell River, and continues to feel blessed by opportunities to paint in her studio, and with painting colleagues from whom she continues to receive support and inspiration. Teacher- friends she has made along the way include, Gordon Henschel, and Jill Paris Rody , each being a gifted teacher and artist.

"Exotic Floral"
by Antonia Huber
by Heather Hughson
by Jane Super
by Jane Super
by Heather Hughson
"Tree Peony"
by Antonia Huber
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