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Campbell River Seaside Painters

Pearl Ellis Gallery May 10, 2016 – May 29, 2016

The Seaside Painters from Campbell River will be presenting a show at the Pearl Ellis gallery in Comox opening May 10th and running until May 29th.

Members of the public are invited to the reception which will be hosted by the artists Saturday May 14th from 1:00 to 4:00 PM. Admission is free and refreshments will be served.

For many years artists have been meeting at the Sybil Andrews cottage in Campbell River. In the early 1990’s the group belonged to the Federation of Canadian Artists. In time the link was dissolved but the group continued to meet at the cottage. The cottage was slated to be torn down, but due to the efforts of a number of groups, it was saved and restored in 2011. While the renovations were taking place, the painting group met in the art gallery and renamed itself “the Seaside Painters”. When the cottage reopened, the Seaside Painters returned to the cottage where we meet Tuesdays to enjoy both creative endeavours using a variety of mediums, and ongoing friendships. Here is a brief introduction to the artists who will be exhibiting in the Pearl Ellis Gallery:

Glenna Lynn Armitage

Glenna enjoys painting landscapes, architecture, and flowers. Her early works were done in oils and acrylics but she now mainly works in watercolours.

Ann-Louise Beaumont

She has studied with some well- known artists both in the United States and in Canada and is conversant with a number of mediums, most recently that of acrylics.

Rita Davis

Rita has been painting and drawing for most of her life. Although she is skilled in watercolours, her recent work is in acrylics ranging in size from miniature to much larger works.

Sandra Doran

Sandra worked with Chinese brush painting but had switched to acrylics while taking lessons. Recently, she has explored the medium of “poured watercolour” and is intrigued by the possibilities it affords.

Maureen England

After retirement, Maureen moved from Alberta to Campbell River where she has enjoyed painting with acrylics, oils and oil pastels. She belongs to two local art groups, and participates in both classes and workshops when she can.

Carole Goodwin

Although water colour has been Carole’s preferred medium, she now works with mixed media- a mixture of collage, gels and gold leaf . She has exhibited with the local chapter in galleries on the island, and at the Federation of Canadian Artist Gallery in Vancouver, B.C.

Mary Harrison

After a long career, Mary has focussed her passion for learning towards everything creative . Her current works are mainly of acrylic painting and silk ribbon embroidery on batiks, and original art cards.

Antonia Huber

After a career as an educator, Antonia enjoys the opportunity to spend time at both at the Sybil Andrews cottage, and the art gallery where she paints flowers, birds, and animals in water-colours.

Robert Peel

Bob has been a great addition to the Sybil Andrews cottage. His favourite medium is acrylic on canvas or rocks.

Jill Paris Rody

Jill works in a variety of mediums: water colour, pastel and acrylic. Her artwork is owned by private collectors across the US, Canada and the UK. She is both an excellent teacher and an inspiration to many.

Wilma Richardson

Wilma is a self- taught artist painting a variety of subjects mainly in oils. She has participated in many FCA shows on the island and in Vancouver, winning a a number of awards both locally and in Arizona.

"Birch And Foxglove"
by Mary Harrison
"Crete Alley"
by Sandra Doran
"Peacock Butterly"
by Antonia Huber
"Shaft Of Light"
by Jill Paris Rody
"Single Man In A Rowboat"
by Bob Peel
"Violet Splendour"
by Maureen England
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