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Charlotte Deptford “West Coast Rendition”

Pearl Ellis Gallery Jun 02, 2015 – Jun 21, 2015

Campbell River Artist, Charlotte Deptford, is presenting a collection of her most favorite Acrylic and Watercolor paintings at the Pearl Ellis Gallery in Comox, June 2 to 22, 2015. She has created an exhibition of great variety and beauty depicting a love of her environment. It is with great joy that she gets to share her lifelong passion. From the first stroke of the brush she is creating what she feels and hopes will depict a moment in time, a story perhaps, that others can be a part of.

From her humble beginnings in Alberta where she was raised on a cattle farm, with her seven brothers and sisters she developed a keen love and respect for nature. Her life on that farm taught her that nature is a very fine tuned balancing act as well as a force not to be reckoned with. Her belief is that the earth, like children, are only borrowed. It needs to be nutured, loved and cared for, as well as enjoyed.

In her mid thirties she visited Vancouver Island, it was the first time she had ever seen an ocean. She recalls this experience as momumental and breathtaking. She remembers being totally overwhelmed by the vastness, the movement, the brilliance and varieties of color, and even the smell. All of her senses had been heightened to an unprecedented level. "I will never forget that moment", she says, , " because I fell head over heels in love. The sound of the water was so soothing and calming, like a big hug". She gently smiles as she recalles those first few moments, just closing her eyes, just listening and breathing. She realized what she feeling, and not knowing if she was ever going to have this experience again, she remembers trying to retain all that sensual stimulation so she could keep it in her heart forever.

Soon after that vacation she moved to the West Coast and continued her love affair with not only the water but all the beauty the West Coast has to offer. She beleives she is the luckiest woman in the world to be able to see the ocean in all its glory, every single day. She akins her thirty year love affair to that of a spouse, where you are in tune with their moods, needs, and that sense of peace that you know you belong. The only difference is now, she captures that beauty, that intensity, and that movement in her paintings. She genuinely wants others to be stimulated and feel what she does, experience that brief moment in time, as if they were there standing on the beach with her or seeing the glow of a West Coast sunset , so gorgeous that it makes one gasp. Walk into that story and experience it, she challenges and create your own love affair.

Charolette would love to meet and chat with you,. A reception will be held June 7, from 1-4pm. 10% of the sales will be donated back to the Pearl Ellis Gallery for their continuous support of local artists.

Charlotte Deptford, Chars Art & Gift Studio, 220 Vermont Drive, Campbell River, B.C.
Ph: 250 923-8093

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