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Jonathan Reggler - Trading Spaces

Pearl Ellis Gallery Mar 21, 2023 – Apr 08, 2023

Local doctor showing paintings at Pearl Ellis Gallery

The Pearl Ellis Gallery is pleased to present “Trading Spaces: a New Canadian’s Landscapes” by Jonathan Reggler from March 21-April 8.

Reggler, a Courtenay family physician, immigrated with his family from England in 2003. Soon after arriving in the Valley he discovered sea kayaking and over the years has spent many months exploring remote parts of the coast. In 2008 he circumnavigated the Island with a friend and in 2010 and 2013 he completed a solo circumnavigation of Haida Gwaii. He has taken thousands of photographs and these are generally the source material for his paintings.

He started painting at school but in his teens could not combine art classes with his more academic subjects. He returned to painting a few years after coming to Canada. Starting with watercolour, he switched to acrylics and now works mainly in oils. He still carries a watercolour sketchbook, travel palette and small brushes with him on his kayak trips.

There is a long tradition of physician-artists. At medical school one of Jonathan’s professors, a famous liver transplant surgeon, was well known as an artist. Jonathan was amazed when, after carrying out an operation, one of the urologists took his watercolours out of his bag and painted the anatomical details of the surgery into the patient’s chart. Jonathan draws inspiration from the Impressionists and the Group of Seven. He has benefited from instruction from local artists including Brian Buckrell, Clive Powsey and Joanna McCluskey although he believes an artist's unique style will develop naturally in response to the subjects they paint and an open-minded reaction to the painting of others whose work they admire.

An opening reception will be held on Saturday, March 25 from 1-3pm. Everyone is welcome.

"Courtenay River Low Tide"
by Jonathan Reggler
"Strathcona Park"
by Jonathan Reggler
"The Beaufort Range from Goose Spit"
by Jonathan Reggler
"Forest Walk"
by Jonathan Reggler
"The Sentinel"
by Jonathan Reggler
"The Golden Hour"
by Jonathan Reggler
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