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Louise Els, Izzy Pichette, Julia Reynolds

Pearl Ellis Gallery Apr 25, 2017 – May 13, 2017

The Journey's of three local artists, Louise Els, Izzy Pichette, and Julie Reynolds, are coming together in Comox at the Pearl Ellis Gallery, located at 1727A Comox Avenue, on April 25th through May 13th 2017. There will be a reception on April 29th from 1 pm to 4 pm and a chance to meet the artists and view their Journey's in one creatively, talented, and colourful exhibit. Each artist has provided a bit of background to pique your curiosity and to entice you to visit the gallery during the exhibit, Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 am to 4 pm, and fill your senses.

Louise Els is a South African Canadian, very new to this beautiful part of Canada, and has been drawing since she was a child. It is a part of who she is and was inspired by her Father. Her goal is for everyone to enjoy her paintings. "May they bring colour and enjoyment to your homes. " -- Louise Els (acrylic and watercolour).

Izzy Pichette's journey started in Ontario where she was formally trained and worked as a Graphic Designer in Ottawa; she then moved to Kingston where she met her husband and had their two children. There she taught computer software to adults and dabbled in photography. After relocating to Vancouver Island over ten years ago, she decided it was time to explore which direction her art would take her again. In 2013, Izzy gathered up some of her kids paints, a few frayed paintbrushes, and an old cheap canvas, and began painting again. With a mish mash of subject matter called out by her kids she created 'Neverending Journey' which hangs in Izzy's home today. She has since traded in those old, cheap paints for a more professional quality and thus began her journey back to the art world. "There is no better place than right here in stunning Comox Valley, to see where my artistic journey will take me."

Julie Reynolds took her foundation as an artist through an art-dedicated high school, HB. Beal in London, Ontario. Raising a family and being a self-employed goldsmith kept her from artistic journeys (other than play-dough!) until her late 40's. She enjoys acrylics and watercolours, and likes dabbling with sculpture. "I feel that the elemental truth of all things, and the lives we live, are both random and inevitable at the same time. It gives me great satisfaction to express my perceptions of that strange dichotomy through the mediums of painting and sculpture.

"Canoe Sunset "
by Louise Els
"Heavy Rust "
by Julie Reynolds
"Miracle Oysters "
by Izzy Pichette
"Neverending Journey"
by Izzy Pichette
"The Opposite of Gravity "
by Julie Reynolds
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