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Landscapes - As We See Them
Susan Schaefer, Jill Paris Rody

Pearl Ellis Gallery Aug 19, 2014 – Sep 07, 2014

MEET & GREET (artist in attendance) - Saturday, August 23rd - (1-4 pm)

Two artists looking at the same scene under similar conditions will paint two very different paintings. As individuals we see things in our own way. One might see the minute details of the particles of sand on the beach, while the next person sees the majestic sweep of the clouds in the sky.

One can say that landscapes are all things that surround us in nature; from the ocean, to the sky to the forest and the beautiful flowers that come from the soil. This show is our interpretation of our surroundings "Landscapes - As we see them." Enjoy!

Susan Schaefer - Artist
From the the West Coast...and Beyond!

"I love to paint and I love colour. I love the feel of the paint moving across the canvas. My whole world revolves around art."

Susan launched her career as a professional artist in 2000. Having moved back to the prairies from Toronto, Susan converted her 'little house on the prairies' into a working studio. There she started a graphic design company, Young at Art Studios, which continues today. She became a strong part of the arts community, joining the local guild, organizing artists workshops and hosting her annual art show.

In 2007 Susan decided to move to the West Coast where she started the Island Arts Magazine. Now into it's 7th year, the magazine is well received throughout Vancouver Island with subscriptions reaching the East Coast of Canada and into the States.

She continues to grow as an artist by organizing and attending art workshops. She also likes to give back to the arts by volunteering at the Old School House Arts Centre and the Pearl Ellis Gallery.

Susan's work is reflective of her connection to nature. She enjoys Canadian landscapes; rolling prairie coulees, sway-back barns, the Rocky Mountains as well as Mexican beaches.

"My colours are bright and my style is bold and representative of what I see. I've always been drawn to the work of the Group of Seven, especially that of Lawren Harris. Contemporary artists that I admire and have studied with are; Mark Hobson, David Langevin, Brian Buckrell, Janice Robertson and Mike Svob."

One of the most frequently asked questions she receives is "How do you find the time to paint?" Her answer, "It's fun! How can I not find the time?"


Jill Paris Rody

"There is much to be learned, about people and living, from the land around us.
My work is a response to the Spirit in Nature."

"Nature's voice" has always spoken to my heart. Now, with life so busy, I want to give back to my viewer something serene and contemplative; images that will bring pleasure to the eye, and peace to the soul.

I grew up in the State of Oregon, USA, and married into Canada in 1971. I have been blessed with a very supportive family and broad framework of friends who have encouraged my growth in Art from early childhood. A strong High School curriculum gave me a solid foundation for the theories in my teen years, and at 17 years of age, I was awarded a 6 week Scholarship to the University of Kansas Summer School of the Art.

I have always been particularly fond of the expressive and emotional images painted by two well-known artists- Norman Rockwell and Andrew Wyeth. This has instilled in me a desire to share emotion and to find ways to communicate expressions of hope, and grace, and peace. I learned the techniques and methods of "Art as Decoration" in the 90's, which taught a particular precision of the craft for my fine art background. Beyond that, further painting skills have been learned through the publications of many well-known artists; and a number of classes taught by fellow artists: Perrin Sparks, Brian Buckrell, Richard Calver, and Clive Powsey.

Connections with artists all over the world are now available through the internet, and I am encouraged by the works of several artists: Marc Hansen, Richard McKinley, Carol Marine, and Barbara Jaenicke, and Karen Margulis, to name only a few. I am eager to learn through research and practice, and also enjoy the companionship of my fellow artists (twice weekly) in the Campbell River area. I am continually growing in style, method and theory.

In all of my work my desire is to convey the color and mystery of intimate spaces; places I've discovered while walking, as well as traveling on scenic road-trips. My camera is always with me, to capture moments in time, which speak to my heart. Later in my studio, I enjoy developing a "story" that can invite the viewer to visit the places I have been, and the emotion I have felt.

When time allows, I also enjoy painting "en plein air" – on location. Color is very important to me, and I work from a basic 6 color palette, mixing all other colors as needed. This allows for a very clean and clear look to my work, as all my colors work together in harmony. Each painting begins with a painterly sketch, and then form and value are blocked in. The process is what matters for me, and this can take on a variety of expressions, depending on my mood and/or intent. Throughout the painting experience, I like to think of my relationship to the scene, and how it touches me emotionally.

My medium is primarily Acrylic, which easily allows for layering and color changes; both subtle and stimulating in their materialization. When I do paint in other mediums such as Watercolor or Pastel, it is because these can often speak in a different voice which might be needed for a particular subject. As an artist, I try to be sensitive to these possibilities, all the while learning from the work.

I've taught painting for over 20 years, both locally on Vancouver Island, and travel teaching in both Canada and the US. Currently I show my work in several venues.

My Paintings are owned by private collectors in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

You can learn more by visiting:

"Luminious Sunflower"
by Susan Schaefer
"Smiley and his Sidekick"
by Susan Schaefer
"Coastal Marsh B"
by Jill Paris Rody
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