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Laurie Martz & Corina Menz

Pearl Ellis Gallery Jun 30, 2022 – Jul 23, 2022

Studio mates share exhibition at Pearl Ellis Gallery

An exhibition “ECHO” by local painters Laurie Martz and Corina (Nina) Menz will run from June 30 to July 23 at the Pearl Ellis Gallery in Comox.  

The two artists shared a studio in Point Holmes from May 2020 to May 2021. Coming from North Vancouver, they are relative newcomers to the Comox Valley and met here in 2017. The last few years of a globally unsettling time held additional personal health challenges for them both and the paintings in this exhibition are the outcome of that time of exploration and healing together.

Laurie is a retired physician who brings the same career dedication and commitment to her art, continuing to stay curious and ask questions as it develops. Her mainly abstract work is inspired by both the natural world and the internal conversations that are evoked, and is included in numerous private collections.  

Corina has been involved in the arts throughout her adult life, alongside a career in IT. She has dedicated herself solely to painting over the last 15 years, and is interested in strong composition as a starting point intuitively proceeding from there to execute her artwork. She currently is focusing on figure and portraiture, fascinated by the possibilities and character of the human form. Her work is in private collections both in Canada and Germany.

While reflecting the influence of each other’s artistic inquiry, the work gives voice to each artist’s unique and individual painting style. This exhibition is a strong testament to the power of art to express the world within and around us and is, at turns, tranquil and joyful, vibrant and contemplative.

An opening reception will be held on June 30, 4-6 pm and the public is welcome to come and meet the artists. 

The Gallery has expanded its hours to Tuesday through Saturday, 12:00 noon-4:00 pm. (Closed on Canada Day, July 1)

by Corina Menz
"Shadow side"
by Laurie Martz
"Lost in Thought"
by Corina Menz
"Looking Forward"
by Corina Menz
"Out on a limb"
by Laurie Martz
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