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Jahzel Misner

I'm Jahzel Misner, an artist based in Vancouver Island. My art is about bringing magical places and animals to life. My background is in digital design, having studied Interactive Arts at Simon Fraser University, where I specialized in graphic and user experience design. This foundation has been instrumental in developing my eye for aesthetics and functionality.

But like many who spend all day in the digital realm, I craved something tactile. I wanted to create with my hands, not just a computer. So, I decided to pick up a paintbrush. Moving from the exact world of digital design to the free-flowing and unpredictable painting was a big change, but it felt right. Painting let me touch and feel my art in a way that clicking a mouse never could.

Even though I'm relatively new to painting on canvas, I've learned so much thanks to the great art teachers and classes available in the Comox Valley. This community has been a big help in my journey as an artist. My move from digital art to painting has been exciting, and I'm grateful for all the support I've found here.

Phone: 778.834.2884

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